• Cambridge Fossil-free Corporate Bond Index

    A project at Cambridge University is working on a fossil-free Corporate Bond Index, to which CLIFF’s principal investigator, Joyeeta Gupta, is an advisor. We hope it will lead to mutual learning, as CLIFF is also working on a stranded asset index.

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  • Centre For Responsible Investment and the Amsterdam Sustainable Finance Institute

    CLIFF collaborates with the Centre for Responsible Investment and the Amsterdam Sustainable Finance Institute as part of its theory of change. Together, we research responsible investment; we participate in stakeholder meetings; and writing proposals.

  • Earth Commission

    Within the context of the Earth Commission set up by Future Earth and the Global Commons Alliance, Joyeeta Gupta – who co-chairs the commission – is working on (a) theorizing Earth system justice; (b) determining safe and just boundaries for the earth’s systems, including for climate change; (c) how to meet global needs for access…

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  • Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

    There is a global collaboration between researchers and activists promoting a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty. We engage with them in a mutually beneficial manner.

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    In our project on justice and equality in research with the National Science Foundation, we bring our research results to other scholars to improve our collective understanding of justice in a pragmatic context.  

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  • Global Stocktake Equity Working Group

    This global collaboration between equity and climate scholars discusses justice issues with respect to mitigation and adaptation. We present our papers to this working group and learn from their papers.

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  • Related PhD Projects

    Three PhD projects contribute to CLIFF’s approach to climate-related issues. Jiesper Tristan’s project on IPCC’s emission scenarios at Utrecht University has informed CLIFF in several ways. Ivan Mugga is working on a PhD project on Uganda’s climate policy and will defend it at the Amsterdam Center for International Law. Opal Morales Asencio, a colleague at…

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  • SUS POL (Supply-Side Policies for Fossil Fuels)

    CLIFF collaborates with Professor Peter Newell, who has won a large grant for research on fossil fuels (UKRI Frontier Grant, formerly ERC Advanced Grant). One of our first concrete actions is to develop a joint special issue on supply-side actions on fossil fuels.

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  • Transitional Waters

    We have written a small project focusing on fossil fuel use in the port of Amsterdam, which is being undertaken by our students. This enables us to get a grip on the local dimensions of the CLIFF project. We have also conducted field research to determine the extent of fossil fuel dependence in the port.

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  • UNEP-GEO-Multidisciplinary Expert Scientific Advisory Group

    Professor Gupta is a member of this expert group, which CLIFF provides with information.  

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